Day 2: Science (Orlando)

So with all the formalities out the way yesterday, today was a day to enjoy Orlando and prepare for setting sail tomorrow morning. As mature adults we couldn’t possibly go to Disneyworld so we sought alternative options. Craig decided on Epcot which had been a favourite of his since he first came to Orlando some […]

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Day 1: Touchdown in Orlando..

So, having arrived late last night we awoke this morning to the wonderful baking heat of Orlando, Florida. Eyeing up the swimming pool to cool off, we discovered it was heated by the devil and ‘hotter than the sun’. No swimming then. Our road trip doesn’t begin until the 31st so we’ve got a couple […]

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It Begins..

So after two years of planning and anticipation, the trip we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Sadly we’ve lost Alan as he’s unable to join us for this one anymore, but we’ve gained Crawford and Dana to take us to four budding riders for what’ll be the trip of a lifetime (or at […]

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