It Begins..

So after two years of planning and anticipation, the trip we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Sadly we’ve lost Alan as he’s unable to join us for this one anymore, but we’ve gained Crawford and Dana to take us to four budding riders for what’ll be the trip of a lifetime (or at least a few years..).

So, Craig has already flown and will be touching down in Florida shortly, with the rest of us doing the same within the next 48 hours. We’ve got a few days to kill there (I’ve been told Disney will be unavoidable) and then it’ll be time to pick up the bikes and make our way across the country.

We’ve got 4000 miles and 14 days to take in as much of the USA as possible and as yet we don’t have a planned route, just a list of things we want to try and swing by if we can.

So watch this space, and once we hit the road we’ll be doing some updates. Craig has even promised to time-lapse the entire trip so there’ll be that viewing pleasure to follow once we get back.




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