Day 1: Touchdown in Orlando..

So, having arrived late last night we awoke this morning to the wonderful baking heat of Orlando, Florida. Eyeing up the swimming pool to cool off, we discovered it was heated by the devil and ‘hotter than the sun’. No swimming then.

Our road trip doesn’t begin until the 31st so we’ve got a couple of days to kill in Orlando. Today was spent getting all the bits we needed for the trip that were missing, as well as a compulsory trip to the local Indian and Harley dealerships to look at what wonders we might be getting for the trip. We’re both hoping to get the Harley Ultra Glide but in reality any of these bikes are wonderful machines and would be wonderful to ride on.

With the sensible stuff out the way, we set out to find a bar for a few drinks and after seeing a handwritten sign in the street offering “the best Irish whiskey in the world” we decided to take the plunge into the unknown. After ascending some dingy stairs we found ourselves in a rock bar called ‘Stigma’, that was also a working tattoo studio and a pole dancing school. The whiskey turned out to be Jameson (that’ll do) and with one eye watching people get tattooed and the other eye definitely not watching pole dancers; the hours flew away..

Tomorrows plan? Well hopefully the Kennedy space centre. We were going to take a look at the Wrestlemania Axxess exhibition but with the cheapest ticket at $67, we decided science was the best option. Horray for science, and pole dancers.

Video to follow.


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