Day 2: Science (Orlando)

So with all the formalities out the way yesterday, today was a day to enjoy Orlando and prepare for setting sail tomorrow morning. As mature adults we couldn’t possibly go to Disneyworld so we sought alternative options.

Craig decided on Epcot which had been a favourite of his since he first came to Orlando some years ago, and spent the day enjoying what was basically Disney for Adults.

Dana and I went in search of further science and went to Kennedy Space Center, and had a cracking tour of some of the NASA facilities and got up close with the recently decommissioned Atlantis shuttle amongst other geeky things.

By pure luck, the day we’d picked to go to the Center was actually a launch day! So come 18:27hrs, we were treated to watching a space launch in the flesh, as the SpaceX Falcon rocket blasted off from the launch pad, bound for orbit.

(Now you see it..)

( you don’t)

But with all that busy work done, it was time to welcome Crawford who had just landed in Orlando. His hotel was across the road from the Lost Adventure party for the riders who were going on our trip so it’d have been rude for us to not show face and sink a few. So we sunk many.

No video for today as its now time for an early bed (well, 11pm) in preparation for the real holiday beginning in the morning when we pick up the bikes and ride.

Our aim is to get out of Florida and well into Georgia for the 1st night on the road. However, we’ve been told there’s a tornado that might try and stop us..



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