Day 4: Georgia’s Calling (St Augustine, FL -> Savannah, GA -> Dublin, GA)

After the sun and sweat of yesterday’s run via Daytona up the Florida coast, we planned for a nice blissful ride out of St Augustine into Georgia today. And that’s what we got (except for it taking 8 hours riding..)

So we set off from St Augustine, and headed for Savannah which was to the north and into the state of Georgia. As we hit the state border the change in scenery and architecture was incredible and we soon found ourselves deep in forests and plantations, riding on the roads cut through them many years ago.

After a few hours (a few too many hours) in the baking heat we got into Savannah and gosh was it the town worth waiting for..

With the perfect weather still continuing,  we wandered around the quaint town in search of food and settled on B&D’s, as it had filled all our criteria (the criteria being having air conditioning and shade available!)

As the decor suggests, alligator was on the menu!

After a while in the shade, we carried on to where no roadtrip featuring Mr Swinbank would be complete without; Dublin. In this case, Dublin Georgia.

It was at this point we discovered the wonders of being in Bible Belt USA. There was no bar in town and only one restaurant sold alcohol. Wonderful!

After giving the brilliant(?) Ruby Tuesday all of our business, we headed to bed very late once again.

Tomorrow, we head for Senoia where apparently the people can be a bit bitey..


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