Day 5: Georgia On My Mind (Dublin, GA -> Senoia, GA -> Leeds, AL)

So, since we started planning the trip back in 2015, I’ve had a couple of places in mind that I wanted to include on the route. Today we got to tick off one of them.

After saying goodbye to Crawford who is following a different route this next couple of days, we set off from our overnight stop in Dublin (which is definitely not as good as the Ireland original!) and made our way North West into the more rural section of Georgia. The forests became thicker and thicker and we found ourselves on some cracking roads that are definitely my favourite so far for this trip.

After a brief stop off at a fuel station in the middle of nowhere (see picture of Craig above for reference), we finally arrived into the destination I’d been waiting for; Senoia, Georgia.

Senoia town is picturesque and tiny with only one main street. It is quintessential old Georgia, and truly rural. However, there appeared to be something sinister lurking, as if the town had a hidden menace. The locals were also a bit bitey..

If you haven’t worked it out, Senoia is the real life town that became the set of ‘Woodbury’ for The Walking Dead TV Series. The Main Street was transformed into a zombie filled bastion for the show, and was just as I had pictured except for the addition of a brilliant fan-run zombie cafe/shop/museum.

(One of the ‘artifacts’ in the museum; Daryyl’s bike from seasons 1-3)

Another of the additions to the town since filming finished is ‘Nic and Norman’s’, a bar owned and run by Greg Nicotera and Norman Reedus from the TV show. 

The food was the best I’ve had on the road so far this trip and the iced lemonade was great to relieve us from the heat outside. 

Sadly, we did finally have to move on and continue the ride. We rode further west and over the state border into Alabama, where after an afternoon travelling through the forests we arrived in Leeds. As with Dublin, it was nothing like the original! 

(Tonight’s hotel is quite something!)

In search of beer and food we found ourselves in Logan’s Roadhouse and we filled our plates. Surprisingly, Craig actually had a salad. I know right?

(Apparently roadhouse translates to ‘peanuts everywhere)

With another day down, it’s time now time for bed. Tomorrow we’re headed for a very large motorbike and motorsports museum. That’s if we don’t sleep in too much..



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