Day 6: Mississippi, also 1st World Problems.. (Leeds, GA -> Meridian, MS)

So today was a day of problems. Despite that, we did still get everything done that we needed to, it was just a bit.. ..harder.

When we showed up for breakfast this morning, we were greeted by a severe weather warning on the local broadcast. Apparently some sort of hurricane had decided to show up! As such we were grounded for a few hours and had to stay in the hotel until further notice..

At about midday, things were looking good (albeit still raining) so it was time to get going and press on with the day. The bikes had however decided to become submarines, and required a bit of wading to get to..

With the bikes freed, we were still faced with a very wet Alabama. Earlier in the week, we’d all had a giggle at the fact Craig had brought a full rain suit on this trip. Today was his turn to laugh.

Today’s ride was to close down the distance to New Orleans which we should be arriving into tomorrow. However, it wasn’t to be a day without event. Thankfully our route took us past the Barber Motosports Vintage Museum, which boasts the largest collections of motorcycles in the world.

Motorcycle heaven would be a good description! All eras and makes were accounted for, from the steam contraptions of the 1800s through to modern prototypes and concept bikes. 

With the tour of Barber complete, we made our way back out to the bikes to discover the sun was back out and the rain clouds had packed their bags and left. With the better weather encouraging us on, we continued west bound for our stop over for the night; Meridian, Mississippi.

However, we encountered another issue. Eating in this region as a vegetarian isn’t that easy! And it’s made even harder when people don’t understand your accent. We decided to try Wendy’s, and I approached the counter and asked if they did a vegetarian burger. I was told yes, paid the money, and a few minutes later was handed a burger bun with a single piece of lettuce and a tomato in it. Unsure if this was a mistake or their idea of a burger, I went back to the counter and asked. “Oh you wanted a vegetarian burger, yes we do do that, would you like cheese on it?”. Brilliant I thought, situation resolved and a few minutes later I collected Vegi Burger MK2. It was the same bun they gave me minutes earlier, but now with a slice of cheese added. It would appear that the concept of a vegetarian burger is non existent! I went round the corner and got a pizza instead!

After the bitter disappointment of lunch, we hit the interstate to make up the miles  and after about two hours more riding, we entered our destination for the night..


(Craig’s time lapse camera takes a picture just at the right moment..)

Tomorrow we ride for Louisiana and New Orleans, and hopefully better food options..




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