Day 8: The Lone State (New Orleans, LA -> Port Arthur, TX)

With the baking sun on us once again, we sadly had to shrug off the hangovers and leave the wonderful French quarter of New Orleans. With our eyes ultimately set on San Antonio tomorrow, today we had to try and make up some of the distance to get there.
Due to us sleeping in, the bikes were already suitably heated before we even got on them!

And we set off into the heat. 

Even Dana couldn’t hide from the sun.
We stopped off at a truck stop and I was very excited at the prospect of alligators but sadly it turned out the name was misleading and there was no wildlife (unless you count Cajun gator tails for sale in the snacks section).

However, the following truck stop did have live alligators! And then even more surprisingly, the next one had a live tiger! Sadly though, we didn’t have enough time to stop at those two so I’ll just have to picture what it would have been like..
After a few hours we crossed into Texas. Sadly Craig’s well timed photo was ruined this time by the sun blast, but you get the idea..

Within minutes, we were surrounded by pick-up trucks. It must be a state law that in Texas you must own at least one? After a couple hours of near death at the hands of aforementioned pick-ups on the interstate, we found ourselves in Port Arthur where we were due to stop for the night. Chosen because of its location and nice name, it turns out we’d made a grave mistake and had basically set up camp in the USA equivalent of Easterhouse (also a nice name).

For our safety we stayed in the room except for a quick run by Craig and I to play pizza delivery boys, and we sat down for our first night infront of tv.

Tomorrow (if we survive), it’s time for San Antonio.




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