Day 10: 2000 miles, and 2000 more.. (San Antonio, TX -> Van Horn,TX)

We awoke in San Antonio to discover that our hotel happened to be next to the Fire/Rescue Museum so before leaving town, we paid it a visit.



There was even an EMS section which made a very happy Dana.


(Isn’t she a great First Aider?)


With a good hour spent having a look around, we hit the road to head westward once more. Surprisingly, we even ran into some sensible BMW riders who were wearing hi-vis (first time we’ve seen anyone wearing it).

Texas is big. Really big. This is now day three of us trying to cross the lone star state. I also learnt the perils of not filling up your tank whenever possible. As we were on an interstate I had planned on there being a filling station at least once every 50 miles or so. Alas, there wasn’t. My bike got down to the point where it was running on fumes and the trip counter reported a mere 10 miles left! Then thankfully, out of the desert came a tiny town and salvation!


Refuelled, we continued on for several more hours, and the next time we stopped for fuel (which was even more in the middle of nowhere!) we had just hit 2000 miles. Naturally, a photo was called for:


We also realised just how many bugs there are in this neck of the woods!


Sadly, we still had another 200 miles to do today in order to keep good time, so it was back onto the road and we continued well into the night, arriving finally at Van Horn (still Texas) at about 11pm.


No drinking or partying tonight, just bed.

Tomorrow, the state border (finally) and onto New Mexico and Arizona!



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