Day 9: The River of San Antonio (Port Arthur, TX -> San Antonio, TX)

Today we rode fast out of the danger zone (Port Arthur) and onwards towards San Antonio. Using the interstate for maximum speed and minimum stops.

Except for one, for Craig to open his birthday card as its his birthday!

And then within mere hours, we arrived at the wonderful San Antonio and promptly commenced being tourists.

First up; the Alamo, featuring penguin.


Secondly; the Riverwalk, featuring penguin.


And with penguin photos out of the way, we checked out the rest of the Riverwalk and it was obvious why it has become the number one attraction of the city.

A beautiful winding walk of bliss and wonderful bars and restaurants. It kept us captive for the entire evening and we watched the sun set across the trees.


After an evenings stroll, we tucked in to a dinner at the local Hard Rock, which didn’t play any rock music.


Then it was time for bed, tomorrow we crunch yet more miles, this time with our eyes set for Las Vegas in a few days..



(The Alamo again, at night, sans penguin)


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