Day 11: Run for the Border! (Van Horn, TX -> New Mexico -> Tucson, AZ)

Texas is big. We’re still in it. But today we make a run for the border. With Mexico to our left, we traced the border west for a few hours until we finally hit new turf; New Mexico!

And almost simultaneously, the heat started creeping back up to 90 degrees where it decided to sit for the remainder of the day.

Having passed through El Paso, we were making good time until the road we were on got shut due to a massive dust storm.

(Aforementioned dust storm in the distance)


As such, we got diverted north off the interstate onto a small highway which ran a massive detour away from where we wanted to be. As such, night fell and we were suddenly very isolated and very lost..

(I’ve got the quite the bug collection)

And then to make things worse, Craig’s headlight failed. Still in the middle of nowhere with no other option, we continued on, running as a pair tight together using my headlight to light the way. After a while, we arrived into a tiny town and Craig set about finding a spare and then fitting it (not easy without a Harley toolkit)!

With a spare sourced, we carried on into the night, and finally got back onto the highway we wanted. Some hours later, we drew into our motel in Tucson at our latest arrival time yet; 3:30am. Thankfully, we had just crossed two time zones so it was technically only 1:30am. But still, sleep called.

Tomorrow, we continue north towards Las Vegas (and civilisation)..


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