Day 13: It’s vegas time! (Phoenix, AZ -> Las Vegas, NV)

Today is the day we finally hit up Las Vegas, the city we’ve all been waiting for. Leaving our hotel, we headed north and left the interstate towards Route 66 territory.


I’m not sure whether it’s something about this section of the country but it is bug central. In particular, we keep getting hit by ones that burst a lovely orange colour!


(Matches the bikes colour!)


Still, I could have had it worse..

(An SUV that stopped at the fuel station)


Refuelled, we went through Kingman and some miles later we hit the Nevada border, which just so happens to be the Hoover Dam!



We then continued on and descended through the mountains and desert into Vegas. We’d booked to stay at the treasure island casino, so with bags dropped we set about doing what we do best as usual..


With one round in the system, we headed out onto the strip and went round a few of the more famous casinos.


(Dana in the Venetian)


We then headed up for the historic Fremont Street area which was even more exciting. 


(Fremont’s covered walkway, longest in the world)


And with that all done, we returned to Treasure Island for some premium gambling.



I managed to get the biggest win of the night and walked away some $20 up. 


(If only the win had been on a $1 machine rather than 1c..)


We finished up at 2am and headed for bed. Late checkout booked, we will sleep in and tomorrow we head for a more mysterious location; Area 51..



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