Day 14: Aliens, thousands of ’em! (Las Vegas, NV -> Rachel/Area 51, NV)

After the drinking of last night, we did a very late check out and left at about 4pm in search of tonight’s hotel.

Las Vegas really is a city in the middle of a desert. When you head north and within minutes are in the middle of nowhere, it’s even more obvious.

Eventually, after about 100 miles we arrived onto Highway 375. Better known as the ‘Extraterrestrial Highway’ as it is the closest public road to the infamous Area 51 testing facility. As such, it boasts one of the highest UFO sighting counts.

Due to us leaving Vegas so late, we didn’t arrive until the sun was almost gone..


But this was just the start of the trail to our destination. We had booked into ‘The Little Aleinn’ in the town (trailer hamlet would be a better description) of Rachel, Nevada. A popular destination for alien hunters as its the only town on the Extraterrestrial Highway.

As night fell, we were left in complete darkness. The repeated flashing signs warning of OPEN RANGE CATTLE did not calm us. In fact, a few miles later we narrowly avoided hitting a few who out of nowhere suddenly appeared on the road in front of us.

However, we did finally arrive at The Aleinn at about 8.30pm. There was one problem however, the town had suffered a power and water cut and although there was a generator it only powered the restaurant which was now closed..


So naturally, we did the only thing we could; buy a few beers, dress for the weather, and sit and watch the stars (and aliens) for the night..


(We did actually see a couple of UFOs. Albeit probably military aircraft from the nearby Nellis AFB..)    

Tomorrow, we get to see the town by daylight, and ride onwards for Death Valley!




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