Day 15: DEATH (valley) (Rachel/Area 51, NV -> Olancha, CA)

So after a very cold night with no lights, water, or heating; we awoke to all systems go! Everything was back on, so we went into the now open Aleinn for breakfast.



Featured in the film ‘Paul’, the Aleinn is a little gem and I’d definitely recommend a visit. After filling ourself with food and beverage, we readied the bikes for today’s ride.


(The Aleinn, with mountains in the distance)


(Rachel’s one and only emergency vehicle!)


With everything ready, we moved off north towards Death Valley, stopping at the other end of the ET Highway to take a picture with the sign in daylight.



After looping via the only fuel station for 150 miles and severely testing the range of our bikes, we headed out of Nevada and into Death Valley. Gosh it was beautiful but as the heat hit 96 degrees, you could tell it was called Death for a reason..



(Entrance to the Death Valley state park)


(Hell’s Gate view point. Salt flats in distance)


We rode on through the heat and it became hotter and hotter, but after 100 miles of death, suddenly the heat dropped away as we hit the western edge of the valley. It was replaced with a manageable warmth, and the roads became very windy. A sign warned us of 11 miles of dangerous and rapid turns. And what a brilliant 11 miles it was. 


(The sun sets over Death Valley and Craig..)


We all agreed it was the best roads we’d been on all trip and we arrived into Olancha with smiles on our faces. 

We’d crossed Death Valley, and no-one had died although nature had tried! (There were some last minute dust storms and gale force winds to test our riding capabilities..)


Our hotel for the night wasn’t so much a hotel, more a century old cottage that had been turned into a rentable lodging. It was lovely and just what we needed. A short run to a nearby convenience store, and we finished off the night with a few drinks.


Tomorrow is our last day on the road, and we ride down into Los Angeles and the Pacific coast, the end to our trip.




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