Day 16: The End is Nigh (Olancha, CA -> Los Angeles, CA)

Today is the final proper day of the roadtrip. Having completed Death Valley yesterday, today we rode down through California and into Los Angeles.

Setting off in the morning, the entire section of California we were in was under weather warning for strong winds and dust storms. Two things that are absolutely cracking when you’re on a bike.

After a couple hours of challenging riding, we started to arrive into the greater Los Angeles area. As the name of this blog suggests, we are fans of the Sons of Anarchy TV show which was mostly shot in LA and the outskirts. Naturally, we had to pay a visit to a few sites of fandom on the way into the city.


(It might look like nothing more than a rock face and an old highway, but this road was a pivotal point in the final episode of the show. In reality, it’s the disused ‘Golden State Highway’)


(If you’ve watched the show, the above location needs no introduction..)


(In reality, the above block is in Tujunga, LA. In the show, it serves as ‘Charming Main St’.)


With fan stops complete, we descended into LA city. Craig peeled off to his hotel near LAX and we headed for ours near Venice Beach. We’re intentionally stopping short of the beach/coast that’ll complete the trip as we’ll make that journey tomorrow.

With bags dropped, we reunited at the world famous Sunset Boulevard for dinner and drinks, and found ourselves in the almost as famous; Rainbow Bar. Notorious through the 80s and 90s as the place to be for all rock stars.



The food was incredible and the place was amazing and I’d definitely recommend a stop off for anyone rock inclined. With bed calling, we made our way back to the hotels. 

Tomorrow we complete our roadtrip, when we ride for Santa Monica pier!




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