Day 17: 4000 Miles? Completed it. (-> Santa Monica, CA)

Having arrived into LA yesterday, we saved the conclusion of our trip for today. Waking early to beat the traffic, we all met at Santa Monica Pier. Long considered the end point of a road trip, the pier is the western end of Route 66. As such, it seemed the best place to meet up and finish our ride.



And there we have it, the beach and Pacific Ocean. We’ve made it.


(To make it even better, the bikes all made it!)


(And there’s even a sign too..)


But we weren’t the only ones who made it! The bike hire for this trip has been provided through The Lost Adventure as part of their annual coast to coast ride. With about 50 bikes on the trip, amazingly since we departed Orlando two weeks ago we hadn’t run into a single other rider. But nevertheless, they’d (almost) all made it to the finish point too.



We then departed as a group and rode to the rental drop off point at LAX Eaglerider, where the group organisers laid on a free BBQ featuring unlimited alcohol and food.


Sadly, I had to leave the others to it after a couple of hours (no more beer for me) because I had somewhere to be. Although we missed Wrestlemania by a couple of days over in Florida, I’d been given the opportunity to see a local wrestling promotion put on a show at their school.



But this show was to be extra special, because one of the wrestlers featured was my cousin, who I’ve not seen for many many years! Naturally, he won easily..


(The best image I could get; Max Ammo mid slam)


With the match done, the bikes returned, and the road trip over I went back to our hotel to find everyone else very drunk. I wasn’t surprised. 4000 miles (well, 3932 to be exact) certainly called for celebration.

Sadly, Craig and Crawford leave LA tomorrow morning but Dana and I are here for a few more days to enjoy the city. So this blog isn’t over just yet..




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