Days 18/19/20: They Think It’s All Over, It Is Now.. (Los Angeles, CA -> The Gaff, UK)

So although the bikes may have been handed back and the road trip finished, Dana and I have stayed on for a few days more to finish the holiday off in LA.

I’ve done all three days in one post because we’ve not really done too much beyond chilling and enjoying Venice. That said, the biggest thing I’ve got to report is that after all the struggles of trying to find a vegetarian option across America, I’m pleased to say LA is on my wavelength..

(Falafel and Humous for breakfast? Yes.)


We’ve been staying in Venice Beach which could be best described as the Brighton of America. I wouldn’t mind staying here longer if it weren’t for the heat (I don’t do so well in the sun!). Art is everywhere, and so are the artists to go with that. Any space that can be turned into something has been..


(A mural near our hotel)


We also stumbled across a ‘World Peace Drum Circle’ being held on the beach with all the flags of the world. They even had almost all of the Pacific islands; Tonga, Cook Islands, Australia, Niue (twice), and more. They didn’t however have New Zealand đŸ˜‰


(Dana searches with no luck for her flag)


The other advantage of staying here a little longer is that I’ve been able to spend some time with my cousin who lives over here and he’s been showing me some of the better parts of the city (having recovered from his wrestling match the other night). A particular highlight for me was getting to visit one of the local police stations where his friend works. It was great to see how different things on this side of the pond are run and there really are some stark differences.

(My Cousin and I, with Sgt Ventimiglia)

Sadly however, all trips must come to an end. It’s been a great three weeks here but it’s time to return to the UK where a night shift awaits me tomorrow. However, all of us has agreed that this will definitely not be the last time we do the ‘coast-to-coast’, and we’ll be looking to return for 2018 or 2019. We’ve also got a Scottish Highlands roadtrip planned for later this year, when we’ll attempt the NC500 route. Until then though, that’s all folks!


Tomorrow, The Gaff (home)..



(Us back at the start line; Florida.)


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