About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of friends, mostly from Glasgow.  We have bikes, we use them.

That’s pretty much it.

Just back from a couple of Ireland rides consisting mostly of Guinness and rain, we’ve got a trip planned for a USA coast-to-coast tour in Spring 2017 and a Highlands tour at the end of the year. This blog was started with a view to recording the experiences and roads we encountered along the way. Expect glorious pictures and video once the trip begins!


Who is Craig?CraigDJCraigBike

Craig is a genuine Quarterback. Well, sort of. During the day he makes things safe (allegedly), but by night he makes them loud.
Bike: BMW R1200RT
Hi-Vis: Affirmative



 AlexNormalWho is Alex?AlexBike

Alex was an adopted Glaswegian. He has a super serious job. He does his daily commute to London by motorbike and hasn’t died yet.

Bike: (another) BMW R1200RT LE
Hi-Vis: Many



AlanNormal.jpgAlanBikeWho is Alan?

Alan is from some other part of Scotland where they speak in weird dialects that no-one else can understand. When he’s not working out on the rigs, he’s a full-time Harley Rider. Yes, we do rib him for it. Often.

Bike: Harley Davidson Sportster 1200
Hi-Vis: What’s a Hi-Vis?


13537548_10154407725739274_3632674705159356316_nWho is Crawford?16265763_10155084901244274_4038003887549882479_n

That’s a good question as he’s a mysterious man. He’ll be the one mostly in sunglasses.

Bike: Many
Hi-Vis: Does leather count?



Who is Dana?102682735-3127-flag.530x298.png

Dana is from somewhere near Australia. She can save your life. Only having ridden a bike a few times before, this may prove entertaining.

Bike: Preferably Not
Hi-Vis: Also Preferably Not


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